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Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. We are committed to connecting great companies with great employees and opening up opportunities for both by providing the highest quality of human resource services. We cover a range of industries as diverse as these...

Food & Beverage

F&B recruiting takes a deep network of the industry, but more importantly, you need an executive recruiting firm that understands business.


Only with extreme care we determine qualified physicians, advanced practice providers who focus on quality health & patient care.


Construction arena is quite a competitive environment and so, companies need to hire and retain the best to remain competitive and profitable.

Financial Services

While recruitment for financial services is very specific, it comes with a unique set of challenges and requirements. Our sources & horizon is wider.


Primarily we move away from seniority towards other vital characteristics like aptitude, enthusiasm, commitment and sensitivity to student needs.


Using modern recruiting methods & strategies, we challenge the fact of more than 82% hospitality employers struggling to find suitable staff.

The Cutting Edge of our Services

Our policy is to achieve employment equity, promote equality; succeed through excellence, rapid and effective response on any assignment.

The Service that empowers

Never fall short when it comes to recruiting, hiring, maintaining and growing your workforce. It is the employees who make your organization’s success a reality. Our talent is finding yours.

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From Idea to Implementation

The Team that Delivers Results

Discover What’s Possible

Global Reach, Local Presence.

Reach for the Sky

We know the language of business

Future-proof Automation

We, as HR professionals to remain effective in our roles, it is essential to stay abreast of the technological trends impacting the industry. The risk of falling behind is being left behind, as we have excellent methods of identifying these trends & have incorporated various technologies into the day-to-day tasks.

Proprietary Algorithms and AI

  • Recruitment Marketing Platforms
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • HR & Recruitment CRMs
  • HR & Employee Trend Analytics
  • Digital Assets & Job Aggregators

Umbrella Review

  • Data Use & Inclusive Job Adverts
  • Managing Aging Workforce
  • Programmatic Ads & Texting
  • Structured Interviews & VR
  • Talent Pools & “Most Wanted”


Incorporating New Ideas

As there are some things we recruiters just can’t have enough of, like, candidates, or connections, or new ideas for innovative recruitment methods to fix the leaking recruitment funnel, finding the best candidates has never been as tough & so we are inspired with our own strategies.


Adopting to Change

Improved technology has led us to an explosion of possibilities that can be leveraged to improve our odds of consistently finding the best hires; using out-of-the-box and innovative techniques, being different, while maintaining a clear strategic vision.

Simplistic Routines & Initiatives

  • Curate In-Person Events
  • Multi-tiered Global Agencies
  • Collaborative Hunt & Hiring
  • Story-driven Branding & Perks
  • Passive/Boomerang Candidates

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We are competently seasoned, effectively experienced to smoothly handle any assignment.

MES like never before with the best team

Humbled by the trust and corporate faith that our clients have placed in us, we will continue to bring the best in us to provide our services to the highest quality, in the quickest means possible.

Mohamed Shiyam Khalid
(Director, Business Development)

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We offer unmatched expertise in all areas of HR outsourcing and employment administration – all under one roof.  By working collaboratively, we aim to become a true extension of your team.

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Successful Track Record

With over 9000 managed employees & over a thousand happy clients, we have a clear track record of utmost performance, based on solid hiring criteria and avoiding the common pitfalls of the industry.

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Demonstrable Results

With commitment and investing a 15-year-long-ocean of expertise, measuring and demonstrating vivid and specific performance metrics is like solving over 400K assignments with ease.

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Extended reach for the best talent
Save time and money
Expertise: Market knowledge
Short-term & long-term cost savings

We empowered 1K Businesses

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Our Broad Range of Services

Looking for professional HR services backed by industry leading cutting-edge software with a focus on risk management and cost reductions? We are a call away with our everyday efficiencies and long-term strategies to help you focus on the core of your business.

– Mohamed Shimhaad –
(Managing Director)

Affiliated International Markets

We are quite capable of sourcing talent from around the globe. Listed below are the major sourcing countries with our dedicated agency affiliations.


Semi-skilled, Skilled & Professional Candidates from North & South India


Semi-skilled, Skilled & Professional Candidates from Sri Lanka


Skilled & Professional Candidates from Pakistan


Skilled & Professional Candidates from China


Semi-skilled & Skilled Candidates from Nepal


Skilled & Multi-specialty Candidates from Thailand


Philippine Skilled & Professional Candidates


Indonesian Semi-skilled & Skilled Candidates


Bangladeshi Semi-skilled & Skilled Candidates

Words from our Clients

Here at Maldives Employment Services, our clients are at the heart of what we do and why we do it...
Mariyam Rayyan MohamedManager, HR
MES does an excellent job & are prompt in delivering the services without ever having to incur any fines or complexities
David S. FeinbergCEO
MES has been efficiently performing the duties required by the Hospital and we have been satisfied with their services