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Refund Policy

1-      Under Immigration Legislation, the security deposit submitted will be used to send back the employee to his/her respective country, should the responsibility fall on the government .

2-      All documents for refund will be verified and sent to the concerned authority within 15 days of submission.

3-      Security Deposit will only be refunded if;

a.       The Work Visa is cancelled and employer provides the return ticket, or

b.      Change of employer occurs, or

c.       In case of Death of the employee / worker

Under any other circumstances, security deposit will not be refunded.

4-       Security Deposit will be refunded only to the depositor's bank account.

5-      Name of the Bank and Account number should be clearly written in the refund form. And the account should be an active account at a Bank registered in the Maldives.

6-      Form and other related documents should be clear and readable.


Required Documents

1-      Original of the security deposit payment slip ( If paid online, original is not necessary)

2-      For:

a.       Individual: Copy of National Identity card

b.      Company: Copy of Company Registration certificate

3-      Dead body report ( If refunding in case of death of an employee )

4-      Bank account verification document ( deposit slip, Copy of cheque, etc )

5-      Refund slip ( if payment was made online )






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