Dependent Visa

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  • This is granted to wife, husband or children of foreigners having a Resident Permit with a valid Work Visa.
  • The Resident Permit holder should also fall into the work category, where dependents are allowed.
  • It is up to the Resident Permit holder to ensure that he or she belongs to this category.
  • This children applying for a dependent visa should be less than 18 years of age.
  • The Resident Permit holder should also have a no objection letter from the employer, when applying for dependent visa.
  • Dependents of Resident Permit holders can enter Maldives with a tourist visa, and apply to the Immigration for a dependent visa. Please see the list of requirements below.
  • Failure to change the category of visa and overstaying can result in the refusal of dependent visa and may face immediate removal. Therefore, it is strongly cautioned to apply for a dependent visa before the expiration of the tourist visa.
  • The dependent visa is charged MRF 750.00 for three months or part thereof.


Requirements for a Dependent Visa

  • Proof of Marriage (English Translation)
  • Children’s birth certificate (if passport is unavailable)
  • Letter of no objection from employer

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