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About Special Visa

A Special Visa is a temporary permit to enter Maldives and stay in the country for a maximum period of 3 months on a single visit, although upto and not exceeding 180 days in total, can be availed on various visits annually.

A Special Visa is granted to any non-maldivian who visits Maldives to take part in a social, economical or a cultural event/program. It's striclty advised that no such visitor may commit or take part in any activity/es against the government of the country, nor shall commit or take part in any activity/es that may jeopardise the religious guild or nation's sovereignty.

Violating the stated period may result in the deporting the visitor and banning the local respresentative from further applying for a Special Visa, additionally a fine from MVR 15000-50000 would be levied.


Visiting Maldives under a Special Visa requires:

A Maldivian national or a company's decleration of representation, via submission of the Special Visa Form, 2 hours ahead of arrival, to the Head Office an institution permitted by Maldives Immigration & Emigration.

  • A color copy of the (data page) of the visitors passport and the required fees need to be submitted alongside the application form.
  • The local representative may have to attend a brief interview of Maldives Immigration & Emigration.

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