Mistakes to be avoided on CVs

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Mistakes to be avoided on CVs

Mistakes to be avoided on CVs


Mistakes to avoid on your CV


Imagine you’ve found an exciting job that you really want to apply for and you’ve spent all day putting together a CV. But before you press Send: Take a moment to read our guide to common application mistakes that can make the difference between being offered a job interview and falling at the first hurdle…


1. Not clear, concise

Recruiters at the major firms on the Islands are often swamped in applications from around the world via the internet. This means they do not have much time to devote to looking at each application. As a result, it’s very important that your CV is structured properly, and is both easy to read and concise. If your CV looks like a confusing mess then you’re unlikely to get past the first screening hurdle.


2. Unexplained gap periods

One of the first things a recruiter does when screening a résumé is to look for gap periods. If no explanation is provided as to what went on during these periods (e.g. a sabbatical or travel), this will warrant either further investigation or the employer may simply decide not to proceed at all.


3. Unknown status

Expats living on the Islands need to have a work permit. This requirement extends also to the partners of professionals working offshore, if you are not married.


You need to appreciate that if you are not married but have a partner who plans to accompany you, your prospective new employer will need to be satisfied for themselves that your partner will be successful in finding a job themselves and being granted a separate work visa. This means that if you are single and unattached, it’s useful to mention this fact.

4. Poor quality of language


Very basic but it’s amazing how many people ignore this: Be sure to use your spell check and look for errors in grammar. If you have written that you are superb at paying ‘attention to detaile’ or have ‘great comunication skills’ then you will have proved yourself wrong immediately.


5. References

It’s important to state unambiguously that you can provide excellent references on request. If you’re not able to do this, it will be an uphill and sometimes futile struggle to persuade a possible future employer to take a chance on hiring you, particularly in a difficult job market or where there is a great deal of competition.

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